Lead Crystal Set Janette Romans

Product#: 27861

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Set Janette Romans, six cased lead crystal glasses 24% PbO. The glasses are 20 cm high and weigh 330 grams. The glasses are 100% hand made by a renowned bohemian crystal manufacturer. The set includes a luxury case.

This high-quality lead crystal set receives its coating with a special overlaid technique. During production the transparent glass is coated with the colored, liquid glass and brought into form. This manufacturing process is on the top of handmade production's possibilities and only the best and most skillful glassmakers are able to make it. Also the fact that no method allowing a machine production has been invented yet represents a proof of its manufacturing demandingness. Each product requires many hours of highly experienced and skillful glassmakers handwork. The colorful and unique glass structures originate by partly cutting the colored outer surface after cooling. Incident light onto the glass gets refracted into rainbow like colors, which in turn makes the glass glitter wonderfully.