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Basket and Ceiling Crystal Lights

Crystal chandeliers for the ceiling, often called basket chandeliers, are usually a little larger and more pompous than the usual models. They are designed not simply to illuminate a room, but to fill it and give it a very special character. So ceilings crystal chandeliers are usually self-contained.

Since the crystal chandeliers for the ceiling have a special focus on their appearance as a decorative object, most models are very unique design. They are all 100% handmade, made of the best material and lead crystal (24% PbO). It is also the Bohemian crystal glass that creates those very special plays of light that give that unmistakable sparkle that makes crystal chandeliers so desirable as such.

In this regard, we offer basket and ceiling crystal chandeliers that fit into any price category. Whether the budget is small or large, you will find it with us and discover a wide selection of brilliant chandeliers, all of which have a unique selling point. From sparkling and classy, to gigantic and elegant, through round and angular shapes, to the shiny top that protrudes from the ceiling like a crystal, we have almost everything in our online store.

Since we cooperate only with selected and high quality manufactures, which master to perfection to process Bohemian lead crystal, each chandelier is a handmade unique piece, which will always differ in the smallest details from the other crystal chandeliers. Regular customers know why they trust us.

From CHF 939.00
From CHF 4'409.00
From CHF 1'569.00
From CHF 919.00
From CHF 1'139.00
From CHF 1'389.00
From CHF 709.00
From CHF 1'199.00
From CHF 469.00
CHF 16'469.00
CHF 19'699.00
From CHF 949.00
From CHF 519.00
From CHF 969.00
From CHF 3'019.00
From CHF 7'999.00
From CHF 3'499.00
From CHF 2'789.00
From CHF 8'339.00
From CHF 1'639.00
CHF 1'289.00
CHF 1'659.00
From CHF 409.00
From CHF 279.00
CHF 12'349.00
CHF 19'079.00
CHF 4'849.00
From CHF 949.00
From CHF 1'279.00
From CHF 1'629.00
From CHF 639.00
From CHF 989.00
From CHF 3'199.00