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Swiss Webshop for unique Bohemian Crystal and Chandeliers

Bohemian Crystal, the Swiss online store for the highest quality Bohemian lead crystal. Here you will find a wide variety of lead crystal glasses, vases, chandeliers, bowls, lamps, carafes and much more. If you are enthusiastic, like us, for Bohemian lead crystal, you are at the right place.

Have fun browsing and discovering. If you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you with a lot of knowledge, expertise and a lot of passion.

Lead crystal from Bohemia

It has always been a high art to shape and color lead crystal in such a way that in the end a holistic and particularly uniform impression is created. In Bohemia, lead crystal has a long tradition, so this craftsmanship is still preserved and passed on today. While machines take over the regular production of glass and a lot of knowledge about refinement has been lost, lead crystal has always remained something that, with its fine ornaments and cut edges, can probably only be created by human hands, not by a machine.

Even today, lead crystal from Bohemia is therefore a real eye-catcher and remains completely unimpressed by the various fashions and trends. The noble craftsmanship creates glasses, vases, bowls and much more, which are so detailed and finely crafted that they are real works of art in the end. This art is especially visible in the lead crystal chandeliers, where the finest work and details of the elements ensure that the handiwork is not only obvious, but also an impressive overall picture can be created.

While in the meantime also in Bohemia, many of the formerly large manufacturers have disappeared, there is still a small nucleus that performs the art of forming and coloring lead crystal and passes it on as traditional craftsmanship. At Bohemian Crystal, we have chosen over the years those manufacturers who we believe are particularly talented and who can deliver consistently high quality. The products, which by the way are all handmade, we selectively choose and present them to you in our store in a little more detail. By the way, we do not take everything, but we look for exceptional pieces for our customers, in particularly high quality. We then offer these in our online store.

What is lead crystal actually?

A question that comes up again and again among interested people is what exactly lead crystal is. What distinguishes lead crystal from conventional glass? It is already the composition, which is clearly different from the known utility glass, which is used for windows, glasses or bottles. Lead crystal is made of quartz sand, potash and red lead. This mixture makes the glass very robust and flexible at the same time. So no comparison to the thin glass products, which were manufactured industrially.

Lead crystal is usually processed entirely by hand, which is why it requires a lot of knowledge, experience, skill and even a lot of talent from the glassblower. Not everyone can work with lead crystal just like that, and accordingly, the processing is a high level of craftsmanship that no longer exists in many places. Many manufacturers have long since switched to simpler methods of glass production, and machine-made or colored lead glass has long been available, but it never achieves the quality of good handwork. Lead crystal is and remains something that must be handcrafted and refined to achieve the highest elegance.

So lead crystal glasses, vases, bowls, ornaments and shapes that are later used on a lead crystal chandelier are mouth blown and then cut with great effort and with the help of stone slabs. This is also one of the big differences, because industrial goods are often pressed and shaped, the patterns are created without any special knowledge or fine details. With lead crystal, all this is still handwork and the glass is neatly polished with hydrofluoric acid at the end. This handiwork is then also what makes lead crystal as a result so valuable, high quality and particularly pretty.

We deliver class not mass

When we founded Bohemian Crystal, we didn't want to build up an online store as big as possible, which focuses on mass and supplies the whole world. From the beginning, it was the lead crystal that inspired us privately and which we wanted to make accessible to others. There are so beautiful and sometimes incredibly artistic objects made of lead crystal, but many never get to see them. Most of the things that could fully inspire us, we discovered on trips or during visits to the manufactories and manufacturers on site. Something like this is hardly possible for private individuals.

Our online store therefore focused on class instead of mass from the very beginning. So instead of simply selling all available products, our goal from the beginning was to find the special pieces and offer them specifically in small quantities. No overloaded store where nobody will be happy, but a fine selection of everything that can really inspire lovers of lead crystal. Just as it thrilled us when we saw it for the first time and then made the decision to include it in the online store.

Long before Bohemian Crystal was founded, we traveled privately to Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic, Slovakia). Besides impressive places like Karlovy Vary or Prague, we learned there to appreciate and love the particularly high-quality lead crystal of the region. Where elsewhere this kind of craftsmanship seems long forgotten, here it was still very actively practiced and even passed on. Until today. This is also the reason why we are always looking specifically for manufacturers who can deliver consistent quality. Because the knowledge of how lead crystal is processed has long since been lost in many places, which leads to great differences in quality. We want to spare our customers this, which is why we have high quality requirements and only work with a few manufacturers who can meet these demands.

All of this happens, last but not least, because we ourselves have a great passion for lead crystal. Accordingly, we also know exactly what is important in high-quality work and what to look for. Our store offers a selection of the best pieces and avoids inferior goods that are neither worth the money nor the effort to import the products. With this selection we want to inspire those who, just like us, appreciate lead crystal in its most beautiful form.

Various lead crystal glasses

Among the most popular with our customers are certainly the lead crystal glasses. Whether it is wine glasses, Roman glasses or champagne bowls - lead crystal is always the first choice. Because lead crystal glasses are always something special and in their design and elegance never look like industrially manufactured glasses, which are plentiful and represent absolutely nothing that has not already been seen a dozen times.

Lead crystal glasses, on the other hand, are already an incredible eye-catcher by their very nature. Paired with pretty colors and shapes, ornaments and polished details, they unfold that special touch of luxury on any table, which sets the place setting apart from the monotony of ordinary glasses and thus also ensures true enthusiasm among guests.

In our store we carry various sets of lead crystal glasses, which guarantee a wonderful equipment. From champagne glasses made of lead crystal, to fine wine glasses and Roman glasses, so you will find in our shop some gems that are worth buying.

Beautiful lead crystal vases

Also extremely sought after are the lead crystal vases. This has a good reason, because by the shapely decorations and colors, the fine grinding and patterns, a lead crystal vase not only decorates any table, but also underlines flowers and bouquets so wonderful with its own texture.

Even with the lead crystal vases, the colors, which are applied in the elaborate overlay technique, come out extremely clear and strong. The overlay technique is thereby a complicated and yet so rewarding refinement, where the color is not simply painted on, but where the lead crystal is covered with different colored glass and shaped. This results in particularly luminous hues, which can also be brought into different nuances by selective grinding. A step that requires a lot of skill in the production.

We also offer a thoughtful selection of colors and shapes for vases. Lead crystal vases of special beauty, selected by us for you. So take a closer look at our offer and discover the variety that is possible here. Who often and gladly provides flowers or often receives beautiful arrangements as a gift, finally also needs a suitable vase for it. Vases made of lead crystal are particularly noble here and thanks to their beautiful colors also ideally suited.

Elegant lead crystal chandeliers

Especially distinguished are chandeliers made of lead crystal. At the same time, they also represent a kind of pinnacle of craftsmanship. With their many small ornaments, elements and decorations of all kinds, a lot of expertise is required here to be able to produce such a chandelier in the first place. Not every manufacture can maintain the quality and so many lead crystal chandeliers suffer from various defects.

In our online store we offer almost all types of lead crystal chandeliers. On the one hand, there are the smaller variants, which are inexpensive and thus affordable for everyone. On the other hand, there are the imposing, large chandeliers, which stand out with many details and contain ornately decorated Bohemian crystal glass. They are usually very modern and elegantly designed, eye-catching and pretty. But if you want something more classic, we also have a variety of other lead crystal chandeliers, for example, with elements of brass or in the form of wicker chandeliers. So the best thing is to just click through our offer and see for yourself what you like.

Besides the modern, classic and outstanding chandeliers, we also offer various lamps made of lead crystal. Here we pick out unique pieces for you to include in our offer. Besides floor lamps, we also have in stock wall lamps and ceiling lamps made of lead crystal.

Lead crystal in the Swiss online store

As an authorized dealer and direct importer, we offer our customers a particularly high quality and supply Bohemian crystal glass, which is so hard to buy and which is therefore almost a rarity in this quality level. Chandeliers are made to order exclusively for you, while most other products are immediately available from stock and can therefore be shipped promptly.

As a Swiss online store for lead crystal, we supply our customers in Switzerland and Lichtenstein postage free and also otherwise ensure that the lead crystal arrives free of damage to you. Our offer is carefully selected, quality conscious and very fairly priced. We love lead crystal and would like to share this passion with our customers.

If you have any wishes, specific ideas or further questions, please feel free to send us a quick and uncomplicated e-mail. Simply fill out our contact form so we can get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you or making your first purchase.

Your Bohemian Crystal Team

M. and S. Alig (Managers)